Thursday July 29, 2021
वि.सं २०७८ साउन १४ बिहिबार


Currently MNBBL is exclusively focusing to the poor women in its microfinance programme.  Only one member from one household will be eligible for the programme. By creating homogenous group, each member will feel herself as equal stature and can influence over the other members to create peer support and peer pressure.

Members only from the local community enable the group sustainability and mutual trust among group members. Thus; each targeted members should:


MNBBL has been proving its microfianance services in five different modality. They are:

Generally; groups are formed of five women members who meet monthly basis for microfinance transactions. Centers are established with at least two groups to six groups. Group members are liable to pay the loan and mandatory savings installments if one group member fails to pay. Loans are disbursed on the basis of group guarantee and collateral.

Individual loans are disbursed only in collateral basis. These loans are larger in size with compared to group based loans. Each of the lending methodology is designed to create high credit discipline thorough peer pressure and peer support.


The Microfinance programme of Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd is quite difference than other MFIs. The bank’s programme is scaled down to fulfill the financial demands of low income people. MNBBL provides doorsteps services to its clients. The programme is unique due to: