Thursday June 24, 2021
वि.सं २०७८ असार १० बिहिबार

1. Report a lost or stolen card

If your ATM card is missing, report it immediately to your nearest branch or contacting our Digital Banking Unit @ 9802306889.

2. Dispute resolution

Bank is committed to provide high level of uninterrupted service to our valued customers. But sometimes disputes may arise due to many circumstances. We always do our best to minimize the disputes. Disputes may arise due to the following reasons:

2.1 Fund transfer to wrong account

When customer transfers fund to wrong account, the customer should provide a written request to the Bank. The Bank then may proceed accordingly and will hold the amount from the destination account. And if the case is genuine, the Bank will reverse the transaction only after taking the written consent for the account holder of destination account.

2.2 Transaction failure but account debited case

In cases when the transaction was failed but the amount is debited from the account, account holder should provide a written request to the Bank. Bank will try the resolve the case as soon as possible but when the third party transaction occurs, Bank will act as a mediator and may take few days to settle the transaction.