Wednesday June 26, 2024
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European Microfinance Award

Security Tips

1.Security Tips


2.Email Security Tips


3.Online Banking Security Tips


4.ATM Security Tips


4.1Anti Skimming Awareness


5.Mobile Phone Security Tips

You must take at all times all reasonable precautions to keep safe and prevent [unauthorized or] fraudulent use of your mobile device and security information.

These precautions to be safeguarded on a continuous basis include:

What to do if there is a breach of security

If you know or suspect that someone else knows your security details, or has used or tried to use them, or if your mobile device is lost or stolen or misappropriated you must tell us without delay by calling us on 9802306889 at Digital Banking Unit or contact your nearest branch.

6.Here is what you can do now to help fight fraud:

6.1 Use our mobile banking app

Our mobile app is the best way for you to stay on top of any suspicious account activity

6.2 Check your contact information

6.3 Create strong, unique passwords

6.4 Protect your devices

Keep your phone, tablet and computer up to date with the latest browsers, operating systems and antivirus software

6.5 Keep your account information secure