Tuesday July 7, 2020
वि.सं २०७७ असार २३ मङ्गलबार


Interest Rate: Base Rate + upto  6% premium per annum


It is a short term basis loan. Loan demanded against FDR upto 90% for Financial Institution and Individuals at very attractive interest rates as FD Rate+2% or mininum of Base Rate which ever is higher.


  • Passport size photographs of Applicant
  • Applicant’s Citizenship certificate
  • Photographs and Citizenship certificate of Guarantors
  • Quotation from authorized dealer.
  • Copy of blue book, route permit, Vehicle fitness certificate etc. (where applicable)
  • Additional Collateral  can be used as per the need.

Fee Charges

  • Administrative Charge – 1.25% to 1.50 %
  • CIC Charge – Rs. 250 per inquiry(For No Transaction Report)
  • Rs. 550 per inquiry (For Transaction Report)